Rick Berk Named Vu Filters Visionary

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Rick Berk Named Vu Filters Visionary

Rick Berk has been named a V Filters Visionary. Rick will be creating content for V Filters, including webinars and classes.

V Filters manufactures high quality on-camera photographic filters. More about V:

We view a world where everyone knows the importance of filters: to protect and preserve your lenses, to help you capture images and videos better, and to help harness the elements.

We want everyone to view the world differently. Clearer. Sharper. With breathtaking purity and clarity. We want everyone to view the world more vividly, more crisply, more accurately.

At V, ours is a relentless mission to craft the best quality filters and get them in the hands of every one we can. Which means that while our glass must be the best available and our finishing/coating process must be exceptional. Our end product-- the filters we pour our heart and soul into-- must also be affordable. We want everyone who cares about creating great imagery, be it still or video, to see how much filters can do to improve your unique view of the world.

Experience the world with new V filters.

The view is better here.